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Steve with Bill Smith Stevie with good buddy and ORIGINAL QUARRYMEN and school friend of John Lennon and Pete Shotton it's the one, the only, Moptopatabulous Mr Bill Smith.

Mop Top Beatles Tours

Join us for the ultimate moptopatabulous Beatles tour of Liverpool. Walk in the footsteps of Rock'n'Roll history as we tour the places that influenced and inspired the Fab Four from birth to world success and fame.

Our Tour guide will let you savour the moment and get those all important photographs and memories to treasure, as we visit the childhood homes, schools, early venues and the places that were special to the boys and still are today, a magical memory for all.
Mop Top Tours gives an insight into The Beatles early lives like no other tour can offer.
We offer a choice of two Beatles tours,'The Mop Top Tour' and 'The Ultimate Mop Top Tour' are on offer and both give happy memories and unique insights in to the early days of The Beatles, both tours are guided and narrated all the way through, not from a script but from experienced professional Beatles Guide so feel free to ask questions along the way.
Go on our 5 star reviewed 'Mop Top Tour' and be emerged in the Beatles early life before and after world found fame and be amazed inside the time capsule which is the world famous Casbah Club – the REAL birthplace of The Beatles usually conducted by one of the Best Family who'll give the 'Best' inside story.
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Liverpool favourite tour, best tours liverpool
Steve with Alex Polizzi Steve with David Dickonson the Real Deal! Steve with John and Yoko Steve with Just some of the FANtastic people we had the pleasure to meet last year. Stevie T with Alex Polizzi while filming together in Liverpool, 'THE REAL DEAL!' Mr David Dickinson has found himself a new antique!, Stevie T with John & Yoko tributes, Our friends at the Casbah Club (Roag Best).

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